Smith’s Vineyard

The Smiths vineyard was first established by Peter and Di Smith on the outskirts of Beechworth in 1978. This was the first to be planted in the region in the modern era; the last being Brown Brothers Everton Hills vineyard in 1945.
The vineyard is planted in red Ordovician mudstone soils at an elevation of 550 metres above sea level with a south and easterly aspect.
Planted to four acres of Chardonnay; one of Cabernet Sauvignon and a third of Merlot, the fruit was sold to Brown Brothers for many years before the family decided to establish their own brand.
In 2009 when the decision was made to cease wine production we were quick to lease the vineyard, with the first vintage of Chardonnay made under the Fighting Gully Road brand in 2010.
After five years of renovation the vineyard is now back to full production; the vines being guyot pruned and vertically shoot positioned. Given the vines age, the fruit and subsequent wine produced is concentrated yet has elegance only found in cool climate wines.